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    Degrees to Distance Conversions for Manholes, Pipes, Cylinders, etc.
    1.Insert the diameter (
    Ø) (this will work for any unit of length-in., ft., cm, mm, etc.), but do not include the unit in the input cell.
    2.Insert the desired degree (
    b)- (usually 0°-360°)
    3.The calculated distance (x) is the distance along the perimeter curve between point
    a (0°) and point b (desired degree)

    NOTE***-The calculated distance (x) will be in the same unit as the diameter entered
    Diameter Ø ( Any unit) DEGREES° (b) DISTANCE (x)
    Example: On a 4 ft manhole core, it will take 37.69 inches to travel
    along the curve from 0 to 90 degrees.